Following are some photo's submitted by Tanya McCloskey.
Let all the images load, then scroll down to see the pictures.

Last updated August 31st, 2001

tanya1.jpg - 19633 Bytes

Carol Klun, Shara Warren, Pat Labiak, Floyd Gail, Eddie Baker


tanya2.jpg - 17649 Bytes

Carol McDougal, Judy Arrigo, Gloria Saxton


tanya3.jpg - 42641 Bytes

Warren Elliot, Mickey Burns


tanya4.jpg - 17266 Bytes

Quenny Smith, Rowenia Hamblin, Geri Jo Detrick


tanya5.jpg - 15810 Bytes

Gloria Saxton, Carol Loth, Melba Moore, Robert Millard


tanya6.jpg - 23555 Bytes

JoAnn Parr-6th grade, Carol Hollingshead-5th grade


tanya7.jpg - 14804 Bytes

Barbara Firmiss, Tanya McCloskey, 5th grade

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