Following are some photo's submitted by Roy Porch.
For best results,
let all the images load first, maximize the screen,
then scroll down to see the pictures.

(Last updated August 31st, 2001)

wstrn49.jpg - 130293 Bytes

Western School 1st grade, about 1949. (Above

wstrn52.jpg - 174635 Bytes

Western School 4th grade. (Above)

bacon7fb.jpg - 139703 Bytes

Bacon School 7th Grade Football. (Above)

roy7prom.jpg - 17038 Bytes

Roy, Sue, Carol and John at Bacon 7th Grade Prom. (Above)

roy59lke.jpg - 20039 Bytes

Roys Dad, Roy and Tom at the Lake about 1959. (Above)

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